Greensum Ecology was listed on the ChiNext of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and the number of listed portfolio companies of SCGC increased to 182

编辑:深创投 | 日期:2021-03-16 17:35:17

On February 25, the domestic pioneer in the field of ecological restoration, Qingdao Greensum Ecology Co., Ltd. (“Greensum Ecology”, 300948) was listed on the ChiNext of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, thereby becoming the 182th listed portfolio company of SCGC and the 2nd listed portfolio company of SCGC in 2021.

The main business of Greensum Ecology include ecological restoration of mines, maintenance of water environment, administration of environmental municipal utilities, plant restoration of exposed slopes, and resistance of water loss and soil erosion. After years of in-depth cultivation and R&D, Greensum Ecology has formed an ecological restoration business model of the whole industrial chain integrating “technological R&D, material production, equipment design and manufacture, nutrient soil formulation, engineering survey and design, as well as construction and maintenance”.


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