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Qianhai FundofFund

Shenzhen Capital Group is the only institutional partner of Qianhai Private Equity Fund of Fund. Its fund size is 21.5 billion RMB, which is the largest domestic commercial fund-raising fund of fund and the largest single fund-raising venture capital and private equity investment fund. Shenzhen capital group and Shenzhen Qianhai Haizefangzhou Venture Capital Enterprise (limited liability company) co- established Qianhai Fangzhou Asset Management Company, with register capital 100 million RMB, to manage Qianhai Private Equity Fund of Fund.


Qianhai Fund of Fund creatively proposes the combination of investment of sub-fund and direct investment, non-double taxed and balance of yield rate and liquidity business mode.The overall investment strategy of Qianhai Fund of Fund is looking for low risk and mid-high return. Primarily staking in high quality venture capital and private equity funds and combined with direct investment and short-term investment. The investment structure of Qianhai Fund of Fund includes four categories: PE/VC sub-fund, innovative equity and project hybrid fund, investment-selective projects and PE secondary market and short term investment.


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