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Joint-Venture Funds

Shenzhen Sino-Korean Industrial Investment Fund
Sino-Korean Fund is the first industrial investment fund established by Chinese and Korean governments.

Sino-Korean Fund is co-founded by SCGC, SV Investment (Korean), and Fortune Link in May 2016. The first phase of Sino-Korean Fund has a size of 100 million USD, and is located in Qianhai, Shenzhen. Sino-Korean Fund willmake full use ofthe pilot policies of Qianhai, and the founder’s advantages in capital and experience in both China and Korea, to form a channel between financial markets of both countries. Sino-Korean Fund will focus its investment in Bio-pharma, consumption, TMT, and culture industry. These industries are Korea’s strengths, and will be the new drivers of Chinese economic growth

SV Investment is one of the largest equity investment and IPO advisory groups, with a total AUM of 223.9 KRW. SV Investment has many successful investment cases, and focuses primarily on investing and managing complementary enterprises between China and Korea.


Sino-Israeli Fund
Sino-Israeli Fund is co-founded by SCGC and Ainsbury Properties Ltd (Israeli), registered at Cayman Island, with a size of 20 million USD. Sino-Israeli Fund aims to invest in technology enterprises with high growth potential, and to introduce Israeli technologies to its portfolio companies to expand international markets and increase enterprise value, and to ultimately maximizing the enterprise value in international capital markets. Sino-Israeli Fund already has many portfolio companies listed in New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


Sino-Singaporean Venture Capital Fund
Sino-Singaporean Fund is the first joint venture capital fund in China.

Sino-Singaporean Fund is co-founded by SCGC, United Overseas Bank Limited (Singaporean), and Technopreneurship Investment Pte Ltd (Singaporean) in 2002, with a size of 50 million USD (first phase paid-in 20 million USD). Sino-Singaporean fund primarily invests in domestic high-tech enterprises and enterprises with growth potential, covering industries including IT, bio-pharma, new material, semiconductor & communication, private education, etc. Sino-Singaporean Fund has many portfolio companies listed in NASDAQ, Hong Kong Main Board, and Singapore Exchange. One portfolio company, Invengo Technology Pte. Ltd, hasbeen listed on Shenzhen SME Board.


Sino-Japanese CVI Fund

China Venture Investment Co, Ltd (Japanese) founded a fund with a size of 1.5 billion JPY, and entrusted its management to SCGC.



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